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A basic guide to winter birding in Canada

Winter weather conditions always make it a bit more difficult for Canada’s wild birds. Days are shorter, nights are longer and colder, and most birds’ natural food supply dwindles or simply becomes hidden by snow. Bare trees and covered brush provide minimal shelter from harsh winds and predators. And, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, this year may prove a bit harder than average. The coldest temperatures are expected to run south and east across the Laurentian Plateau to the Great Lakes, while the Pacific coast and Maritime Provinces will encounter chilly winter temperatures close to normal. And, for those of us who were banking on another snowless season, we can forget about that. February is predicted to be notably volatile with much of every province receiving significant snowfall.

So, the question for us birders is, what can we do to help our feathered friends weather these conditions? Continue reading