Location, location, location: Optimize your bird feeder real estate

Now that spring has sprung and you’ve already ensured your feeders and houses are clean, it’s time to consider the best positioning for the best backyard bird feeding experience.

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Spring Cleaning for the Birds!

Spring cleaning isn’t just a chore for the indoors – there’s much to be done outdoors as well! Below is a checklist every birder should follow as they prepare for the return of spring and summer birds. Continue reading

Armstrong Milling Acquires Scotts Canadian Wild Bird Food Business

Acquisition includes the Morning Melodies™ and Nutri Thrive™ brands as well as the license to market and produce Scotts® branded Wild Bird Food products in Canada. These premium graded products will enhance and complement the Armstrong Milling Canadian product line.

Hagersville – Ontario – Armstrong Milling Company Limited, a leading Canadian manufacturer of premium wild bird and caged pet food announced today that it reached an agreement to acquire Scotts’ Canadian wild bird food business from subsidiaries of The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company for an undisclosed sum. This includes the Morning Melodies™ and Nutri Thrive™ brands.

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Snowy Owls Flocking Farther South in Canada

By now you’ve likely read about the abundance of Snowy Owls from at least one newspaper, magazine or website. The big news across Canada and the US this winter is the increased number of Snowy Owls moving south, a migration pattern that is very uncommon for this species of bird. It’s what scientists refer to as ‘irruption,’ where owls migrate drastically out of their normal range.

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A basic guide to winter birding in Canada

Winter weather conditions always make it a bit more difficult for Canada’s wild birds. Days are shorter, nights are longer and colder, and most birds’ natural food supply dwindles or simply becomes hidden by snow. Bare trees and covered brush provide minimal shelter from harsh winds and predators. And, according to the Farmers’ Almanac, this year may prove a bit harder than average. The coldest temperatures are expected to run south and east across the Laurentian Plateau to the Great Lakes, while the Pacific coast and Maritime Provinces will encounter chilly winter temperatures close to normal. And, for those of us who were banking on another snowless season, we can forget about that. February is predicted to be notably volatile with much of every province receiving significant snowfall.

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Squirrels driving you nuts? Easy solutions to rid your bird feeders of common backyard pests

The number one question we get asked at Armstrong Bird Food is how to keep backyard pests away from bird feeders. This is a problem for birders for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, they feel responsible for the well-being and safety of their backyard birds, and secondly, they don’t like to see the bird food going to waste when predators such as squirrels, chipmunks, cats, raccoons and in some cases even bears come to visit. Continue reading

The backyard bird feeder breakdown for summer

With hundreds of styles, designs and sizes of bird feeders available on the market today, choosing the best fit for your yard can be a daunting task.

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Top considerations when buying bird food

As most backyard birders can attest, not all bird food is made equal. We get questions all the time about what to look for when buying quality bird seed. And our top recommendation is to always do your research and look for the best ingredients possible for your specific birds. Continue reading

Gardening tips to help attract birds

With spring finally upon us it’s the perfect time to start your gardening plans. The element that we find adds the most to your complete backyard experience is incorporating the beauty and sound of summer birds.  The question is how can you use plants and flowers to attract birds? And, what kind of bird feeder and food should you use? If you’re looking to create that perfect backyard oasis, here are a few helpful gardening tips to get started!

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