Caged Bird Seed

Armstrong Milling has the ability to blend top quality caged bird, pigeon and small animal products. These products are made from the highest quality ingredients, and with the introduction of carbon dioxide (C02), Armstrong Milling can provide products that withstand potential infestation problems over long periods of time.

Indoor Friends™ is the original caged bird and small animal product of natural and preferred seed line introduced by Armstrong Milling Co. Ltd. in 1987. Since the beginning, we’ve packaged it to meet the volume requirements of caged bird and small animal pet owners, breeders and pet store owners that carry livestock.

A unique blend of seeds, fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals designed especially for each pet. The caliber of this seed blend cannot be matched by others with its affordability and quality. Royal Cuisine™ Mixes are fortified with a mineral and vitamin protein supplement to provide a balanced diet.

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