Armstrong Milling uses innovative facilities and technology in order to provide customers with superior service and products.

Bulk Receiving

Armstrong Milling bulk facilities enables the ability to receive local and imported seeds.


A horizontal mixer and two cleaning systems provide a continuous flow of products to our three packaging lines.

Warehouse and Shipping

With staging rows and a pallet racking system, Armstrong Milling is able to prepare loads and ship orders in an efficient and effective manner.

Packaging Storage

As a custom packer of wild bird and domesticated bird seed, Armstrong Milling works with customers to maintain appropriate and correct levels of packaging inventory. This requires significant racking and floor storage.

Ingredient Storage and Shipping

This facility is currently used for the storage of lower volume bagged ingredients and also is the staging and shipping area for Country Road Suet

HACCP Certified

HACCP certification provides a more systematic approach to ensuring feed safety.


Services include AP, AR, Order & Data Entry, Operations, Receiving, Shipping, Customer Service and Sales..

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