• In 1986, it was evident that there was a need in the southern Ontario market place for a packer of pigeon grains. The market for racing pigeons, fancier pigeons and breeders had matured, and the need for suppliers for quality seeds and mixes was required. It was at that time that Armstrong Milling was founded and set up a mixing and packing facility
in Caistorville, Ontario.

• Within two years, the need to address another market was becoming apparent. Wild bird seed was growing in demand by retailers, and Armstrong Milling was ready for the challenge. In the late 1980s the market for bird seed was in its infancy from the packaging designs and artwork to the mix ingredients. Mixes were simplistic using locally grown and processed grains and seeds. Artwork was at the best 3 to 5-color line print.

• Armstrong Milling began addressing the market requirements with the introduction of Feather Treat Seed, a complete line of bird seed mixes from the basic economy corn based mix to a premium blend that included primarily sunflowers, peanuts and millets. Armstrong Milling also added two mixes that were medium priced, as well as grains specifically packaged under the same label.

• In 1994, Armstrong Milling had outgrown the facilities in Caistorville and purchased a large mill in Nelles Corners near Hagersville, Ontario. The mill was capable of launching the company into the next millennium. The storage and packaging advantages were immense.

• Since moving to Nelles Corners, many projects have been undertaken, new product lines, packaging designs, warehousing facilities, processing equipment, and development of custom packaging trade as well as making consumer information available via the internet.

• Armstrong Milling has expanded the area it supplies directly or indirectly from Ontario to the Canadian East Coast to the northeastern United States. Armstrong Milling’s continuing success comes from the desire of the management and staff to be the best at blending and packaging a quality product to customer satisfaction and service.

• In the fall of 2006, Armstrong Milling initiated the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program that resulted in more improved quality and a superior quality assurance program.

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