Our Products

Armstrong Milling is proud to provide customers with high-quality ingredients for all of their products.

Wild Bird Seed

Armstrong Milling acquires seeds from various suppliers from around North America and the world. The contacts allow Armstrong Milling to provide the best quality seeds at the best possible price. Seeds are then blended, cleaned and packaged per customers’ requirements.

Domesticated Feeds

Armstrong Milling has the ability to blend top quality caged bird, pigeon and small animal products. These products are made from the highest quality ingredients, and with the introduction of carbon dioxide (C02), Armstrong Milling can provide products that withstand potential infestation problems over long periods of time.

Oat Groats

Armstrong Milling provides the service of groating oats for the livestock and pet food industries. This consists of mechanically removing the hulls from whole oats thus leaving the groat. Oat groats are a high source of protein and used in the manufacturing of dog food and livestock feed. The left over hulls are used in the livestock industry as a high fiber source and as a binder for the pelleting processes.


The mixing and packaging of suet has been around for a long time, but this market continue to grow. Armstrong Milling continues to provide suet products to suppliers already established in the marketplace.

Our Services

Armstrong Milling’s sales team offers more that 72 years of commodity, wild and caged bird, and pigeon seed experience.

Vendor Management

Our goal at Armstrong Milling is to provide the best possible sales effort at assisting current and new entrepreneurs to work with our customers to achieve the best possible results. We offer POP and POS materials, training information as well as years of experience in the bird seed market.

Sales and Service

Our Sales and Service team assists our customers in the development of new products from formulation to packaging. This may also include the monitoring of packaging, inventory levels, re-ordering and marketing.
We also monitor various grain market and retail conditions, allowing us to advise our customers of grain and or wild bird seed positions.

Customer Associations

Distributors, Wholesalers, Processors, Clubs and Aviaries

If you or your company would like to learn more about becoming an Armstrong Milling bird feeding partner, please contact us. An Armstrong Milling sales representative will be glad to get back to you!

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