Wild Bird Seed

Armstrong Milling acquires seeds from various suppliers from around North America and the world. The contacts allow Armstrong Milling to provide the best quality seeds at the best possible price. Seeds are then blended, cleaned and packaged per customers’ requirements.

Armstrong Premium bird foods are specifically developed to attract the birds you desire in your backyard. Developed with research conducted by the WBFI every seed in Armstrong products is catered to attract the most desired wild birds. In addition to seed blends, Armstrong also offers a line of suet products, bird bells and feeders.

A collection of the most preferred seeds by wild birds, Easy Pickens™ are conveniently sized and priced, allowing the consumer to easily mix and enhance other seeds or premixed blends.

Feather Treat Classics™ wild bird seed blends provide seasonal choices with minimal waste due to its specific formulation and cleanliness. Feather Treat Classics™ also offers re-cleaned preferred sunflower seeds in various sizes that make it affordable to any avid birder.

Red Ribbon wild bird seed blends provide year round feeding for a wide variety of wild birds. Red Ribbon products offer the three essential foods; traditional wild bird food, sunflower mix and no corn blend.

Scotts Premium Wild Bird Food products offer a wide variety of Specialty Blends, Bird Treats and Suet Products. Scotts bird food products attract a wide variety of colourful birds to feeder across Canada.

Bird Watcher Blend products were designed to for birders who want to attract more specific bird varieties. Bird Watcher Blends offer specialty mixes and grains that heighten your bird watching experience.

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