More Birds Acorn Screen Feeder

More Birds Acorn Screen – Features:

  • Birds feed in their most natural positions – clinging to the screen, perching on the tray or 4 ports, upside-down and more
  • Screw-top design – easily unscrew hanger ring to remove top & base for filling & cleaning
  • 2.8 lb. seed capacity durable steel screen with removable seed ports for thorough cleaning
  • Drainage holes and seed diverter to help keep seeds flowing, fresh & dry
  • Sturdy wire hanger for convenient placement
  • Metal cover, tray, & 4 ports with powder-coated vintage green speckled gold finish


Attract a wide variety of birds with the More Birds Acorn Screen bird feeder! Its innovative design features 4 ports, a seed screen, and a tray with plenty of perching space. The feeder features an easy screw-top design for convenient filling and cleaning. Built-in drainage holes help to keep seeds dry. Seed diverter design keeps fresh seeds moving into feeding areas. The metal seed ports are removable for thorough cleaning. Durable steel screen has a seed capacity of nearly 3 lbs. to keep hungry birds happy and coming back for more. With an elegant ‘acorn cap’ metal cover motif and vintage green speckled gold powder-coated finish, the Acorn Screen feeder is the perfect way to make your birds’ day!

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