More Birds Giant Combo Feeder

More Birds Giant Combo – Features:

  • Birds feed in their most natural positions – clinging to the screen, sitting on the perch or tray, upside-down and more
  • Dual seed compartments with combined 10.6 lbs. seed capacity
  • Seed diverter helps keep seed fresh, moves seed into feeding area
  • Durable all-metal design
  • Built-in drainage holes help keeps seeds dry
  • Screw top design


The More Birds Giant Combo screen feeder attracts the widest variety of birds. It provides them with many options to feed in their natural positions, whether clinging to the screen or sitting on the perches or tray, or hanging upside-down! The Giant Combo has 2 separate feeding compartments, together holding over 10 lbs. of seed! Built-in drainage holes help to keep seeds dry, while the seed diverter design keeps seeds moving into feeding areas. The Giant Combo is perfect for bird enthusiasts who want to attract a wide variety of birds.

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