More Birds Small Lantern Hopper Feeder

  • Spring-loaded, push button cap opens with one touch for easy filling
  • Built-in perching space on basin rim to attract more birds
  • 1 in. diameter pole-mounting capability
  • Perch basin includes drainage holes to keep seed fresh
  • 2.6 lb. seed capacity
  • Plastic roof and basin in a matte copper finish


The More Birds® Small Lantern Bird Feeder is making bird feeding easy™ with its SureFill No Spill™ features. Its spring-loaded, push-button top effortlessly opens with one touch, single-handedly taking away the feeder refill juggling act! The traditional 6-sided lantern is elegant, with a roof and basin made of beautifully colored plastic that mimics matte copper. The perch basin includes drain holes to keep seed fresh and a bayonet lock for easy cleaning, while the underside provides a pole-mounting option that mounts on 1″ diameter poles. With a generous 2.6 lb. seed capacity, the Small Lantern keeps hungry birds happy and coming back for more!


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