More Birds Songbird Vintage

More Birds Songbird Vintage – Features:

  • Nyjer ring converts sunflower/mixed seed songbird feeder to nyjer finch feeder
  • Its Stay Full Port® design keeps seeds flowing to hungry birds
  • Top lid unscrews for convenient filling and easy cleaning
  • Built-in drainage holes on metal seed tray prevent rain accumulation
  • 1.5 lbs. seed capacity Americana-inspired glass bottle
  • Vintage pewter accents blend beautifully with its contemporary features


More Birds Songbird Vintage bird feeder creates beautiful sights & sounds! Its design keeps seeds flowing down the feeder. Also its removable nyjer ring instantly converts the 4 ports from mixed seed to nyjer. Additionally, the top lid unscrews for convenient filling and easy cleaning. As well, built-in drainage holes prevent rain accumulation. This feeder has a vintage feel that beautifully blends with its contemporary features.

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