Squirrel-X X7

  • Weight-sensitive collapsible perches keep squirrels from feeding
  • Tall tube prevents squirrels from reaching seed ports
  • Washers block squirrels from removing feeder cap
  • Wide top opening for easy filling
  • 4.4 lb. supersized seed capacity minimizes refilling treks outside
  • Forest green finish


Feed birds (not squirrels!) with the revolutionary Squirrel-X7 Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder! If a squirrel tries to feed on any of the 2 collapsible perches, the perches will bend under the weight of a squirrel, dropping the squirrel and saving seed for the birds. The extra tall tube design hinders squirrels from reaching the seed ports from the roof, while its large, 4.4 lb. seed capacity lasts longer between fillings. The washers on the top of the cap prevent squirrels from opening the feeder. Simply slide the cap up for easy, thorough cleaning! The wide opening makes for effortless refilling. With a PVC tube and powder-coated forest green finish, the Squirrel-X7 combines strength & style to bring you the ultimate in squirrel-resistant bird feeding and your best defense against squirrels!


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